Welcome to the European Professional Satellite Association !

At the beginning of 2016 the EUsatcom association has grown into a steady community of satcom professionals and companies in Europe. About 400+ basic members with a core of around 50 paying professional and corporate members share their passion for satellite communications. Our mission to keep satellite professionals and companies up to date with the latest developments in the European satellite industry and to offer a platform for professional and business networking.



 EUsatom was initiated by representatives of NLsatcom, BSN-SSPI, and a group of satellite professionals during the EUsatcom Conference 2013 in Amsterdam. The association was established early 2014 in association with the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) in the US, and acts as the European chapter of the SSPI.


Our events
Since 2012 EUsatcom organises satellite industry events and conferences that are the perfect platform for knowledge transfer, the introduction of new products and services, and for networking in the European satellite industry. The latest event was the conference on NextGen Video Networks during IBC2015.

Join the EUsatcom Association and come to our events !
Membership of the EUsatcom Association is open to satellite professionals,  students, and satellite companies, in particular SME’s that want to stay up to date on satellite technology and extend their network in the satellite industry. Membership includes discount vouchers for satellite events and access to our online community portal. Student membership is free. Corporate members enjoy exposure via our website, our monthly newletter and at our events throughout the year. Check the membership section at the website for more info.

Looking forward to 2016
We hope to grow our membership again in the coming year based on our events and activities. We will start the year with a webtv series featuring 9 top notch presenters that will give an introduction into the many innovations through the satellite broadcast workflow that together are shaping the NextGeneration Video Networks. We are also working again on conferences to bring satellite professionals and companies together helping them to secure their position in the satellite indutry.
Feel free to join us and participate!

January 2016,
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